Understanding The Finer Nuances Of The Female Condom

The female condom that initially started being accessible near 1992 is essentially a means of birth control. In actual fact, it is comprises of a scabbard derived from a substance known as polyurethane. This translates to the fact that those that have allergic reactions to latex would be able to safely use this product. The apposite usage of the female condom is deemed as effectual as its counterpart, the male condom in successfully averting pregnancy. This means of contraception is additionally believed to proffer a certain degree of safeguard against sexually transmitted diseases or STD’s. The research being undertaken to study the extent of protection offered is still in its nascent stages.

The female condom is intended to be introduced within the vagina prior to sex. The casing holds a stretchy ring on both ends. One of the rings is to be placed within the vagina and aids in keeping the condom in the appropriate position and placing. The outer ring remains on the exterior part of the body which would aid in stopping the condom from being thrust within the vagina. A lubricant is normally supplied in the packaging along with the condom, though additional amounts might be required.

There are many pros and cons to the use of the female condom. The plus points to its use comprise of:

  • It is the amongst the few female contraception means that offer a certain degree of protection from STD’s.
  • Due to its manner of use, a section of the exterior genitals get a kind of covering that makes it more effectual in warding off STD’s as compared to the male condoms.
  • The female condom could be introduced prior to the act commencing, thus there is no disruption or waiting time for erection to be able to use as in male condoms.
  • It has no evident side effects and does not require doctor’s consultation, prescription or any fitting required, which is not the case for several other means of female contraception.
  • There is no notable lowering of sensation in the use of female condom as compared to the case of male condoms wherein many men report decreased sensation. Hence, it is favourable for both sexes.
  • Following the act, immediate withdrawal by the man is not necessary as in the case of male condoms.

Understanding The Finer Nuances Of The Female CondomThe shortcomings of the female condom comprise of:

  • It might seem to have an unappealing or unusual appearance by those that use them.
  • Comparatively costly than the male condoms. The average female condom has a price of two dollars.
  • It might appear to be noisy, could slide out, shift or tear at the time of usage.
  • The one-size- to-fit-all female condoms that are available might not favour many women.
  • The external ring might cause irritation in the clitoral and labial region.
  • Data regarding its effectuality and safety is still inadequate.

The single use female condom must never be used again. Following use one needs to cautiously remove it from the vagina to avoid any semen spillage within the vagina. The female condom must not be used during the same instance as a male condom. It usage for anal purposes is still being investigated by scientists.

Women that have opted for this means of contraception have been noted to follow it much similar as the usage of male condoms. The key motive for its stoppage is been due to its odd appearance.

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